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When people enter their retirement years, there are several different things that may erode their wealth and their ability to have a successful retirement. The first, and what people think about most, are investments that perform poorly. Many people in the financial media talk about asset allocation as a tool and a solution for poor investments. The asset allocation tool proved unsuccessful during our last bear market and could prove unsuccessful in future markets. Understanding the reality of how money works is crucial to a successful retirement. The number one goal with investments for many people is the ability to have all the income that they need to do everything that they want to do in retirement without running out of money, while keeping up with inflation. It's no secret that people are living longer than ever before; this longevity provides an additional risk on our retirement planning. There is also the risk of Social Security no longer being a viable income option and pension plans have become nearly nonexistent. A serious illness or premature death could also affect you and your surviving spouse's ability to continue to enjoy retirement in the fashion that was dreamt about initially. Perhaps one of the least understood risks that you face in retirement is taxes.


We have tax strategies to consider that could improve your overall tax structure during your retirement years and for your beneficiaries inheriting your estate.

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